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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Magnetic Rotating Arc Welding

Magnetic Rotating Arc Welding

History of Magnetic Rotating Arc Welding - Develop in the year of 1970's,the magnetic rotating arc welding also known as magnetarc welding or magnetically impelled arc butt (MIAB) welding.It is clearly to be "an arc welding process during which an arc is done between the butted ends of tubes and propelled across the weld joint by way of a magnetic field, accompanied by an upsetting operation." The procedure is a variety of arc and forge welding which has a gas shielding operation added on. This method of welding by clamping the various components to be joined into your machine. Next, both the pieces are pushed together and electricity is applied directly to them. 

As they may be separated, an arc begins. When the arc is established, a magnetic coil round the weld repels the arc, which pushes it across the perimeter in the piece. The arc runs about the piece for a speed in close proximity to 50 meters an additional. At this speed the arc seems to be though it can be a circle of light between your pieces. After the arc has run round the piece for just a determined time frame, both the pieces are pressed together to participate in them .

This process is very popular in mass production situations. The entire technique is fast, might be automated, and requirements less energy than other types of welding. The parts do not need to become cylindrical plus the welds are repeatable rich in quality and little deformities. Also, this welding will not expel as often metal along with other forms of welding, making MIAB welding more cost-effective. The drawback derives from the fact that the arc only heats the edges on the pieces, not the guts. This means that simply a certain thickness of metal is usually welded in this fashion understanding that solid items of metal are not joined.

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