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Monday, 1 June 2015

Electric Arc Welding - Tips For Beginning Welders

Electric Arc Welding

An electric arc welder is essentially a low voltage, high amperage power source. It has a cable connection to the handpiece and another cable connection to the project itself. The handpiece holds an electrode which, when tapped against the work, produces a high temperature arc at the electrode tip. 

This heat is sufficient to melt the tip of the electrode which falls into the weld joint forming a bead as it cools. A flux is necessary and the heat causes the flux to form a gas shield around the weld area. As the electrode is consumed the operator alters the position of the handpiece both to follow the joint and to keep a constant arc gap. Adjustments on the welder itself allow the operator to use a variety of welding rods depending on the nature and composition of the weld required.

Electric arc welders are often portable devices allowing welding to be carried out in the field as required. This is useful on farm applications, mining, pipelines and other outdoor situations. Manual electric arc welding, or stick welding as it is often known, is the most common joining method involving heat that is employed with steel.

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