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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How to attach Weld Aluminum with a Torch

How to attach Weld Aluminum with a Torch

Metals can be welded with a normal 220-volt welder, but some thin metals such as aluminum are simply welded with a torch. Welding aluminum done through bronze welding with a torch tip.

Revolve on your oxygen and gas (acetylene or propane) tanks. Supply the oxygen knob on the torch grip a quarter spin. Supply the gas knob on the torch handle a full turn.Sock the flame with a flint striker.

Adjust the knobs on the torch grip until the flame tip has a single small blue triangle formed at the torch tip.Start on heating the aluminum pieces you will be welding for a few seconds.

Set the bronzing filler rod over the joint are going to weld. Circularly revolve the torch flame around a centimeter over the pieces of aluminum and with the bronzing stuffing rod between the aluminum pieces and the torch tip. Consent to the bronze filler to pool on the seam you are welding and slowly move along the seam to weld the pieces together.

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