3 Facts on the Welding field in Oil & Gas Industry

3 Facts on the Welding field in Oil & Gas Industry

Working as a welder

For those seeking challenging careers that provides lucrative returns, here I would like to share a little bit about choosing a career in welding.

1) It does not need academic qualification

Important positions such as pipe welder, inspector, underwater welder, DOES NOT NEED a certificate, diploma or a degree; because these positions are only filled by those who have special licenses in order to do the jobs, for welders in example, cannot afford to do that, more so having a license, but for the inspector position, there would be no problem.

2) Versatile Career Path

underwater welder and inspector

Most of them in this field will not stay with just one position, for example: welders can become welding inspector.They change position in order to explore different job experiences.The choices are many.Only when it involve academic researchs and R & D , then academic qualification plays a role, which among it’s branches out to:

  • Inspection
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Education
  • Management
  • Business

3) A Work-and-Travel Career

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Who says a welder’s job is contrained only on the land and in the water? No.., even in the space sector also has the opportunities for you to work as a welder.As commonly known, aerospace is dominated by the militaries.It means, the military is specially-trained to weld and undergo inspecting tasks.
Have you ever heard of the term,”Cruise Ship”? working on moving cruise ship also part of welder job scopes too.Sometimes the welder and inspector will follow the cruise ships that are about to sail as their early preparation to repairing a damages and other possibilities during the cruise ship travels.

A side from the oil & gas industry, job opportunities are also available in military weapons manufacturing sectors, only that it is limited as it has a work contract.

As a welder who is not attached to any companies (freelance), it usually requires you to travel far whether within the country or outside it, especially if you are an underwater welder and also the inspector, looking from both jobs position in term with underwater, they will considered as specialists, and those positions are not something anyone can just afford to be, so many foreign client will looking and hire you to work in any of their projects. a) Underwater Welder and Inspector:

underwater welder

As been told in part 3 above, positions such as underwater welder and inspector are among that will make you restless.A part of them chose to be permanent staff, and some of them are sent outside the country as a client or 3rd party (which will be touched in the next entry), only it is not as far as those who worked solo or also known as freelancers.
This is among the riskier but exciting jobs, roughly for this class, the payment you can get can be as low as $150 per hour and about $300 to $4000 per hour in accordance to its difficulty.This is the international rate. b) Pipeline installation sector on land:

Synonym with the field and until this moment also like in the seas, daily activities or routine for those who work as an inspector and welder are spent more in their workplace. Recreation? Not sure… the location that needs transference and gas distribution, there they are, but the situation usually calls for during work and solo while in contract.
Okay…until here.