Ahp alphatig 200x 2017 TIG welder demonstrated

AHP Alphatig 200x Tig welder demonstrated & testing

This is a test,demostrate and review of alphatig 200x welder machine videos,we have collected those videos and compile all of it into this 1 post.All videos has been credited to the owner(please see the resources part bottom of this post).For your infomation this welder also have a capabilities on AC while welding Aluminum too.

Ahp alphatig 200x TIG welder demonstrated IMAGE

You will learn by watching those videos about how to set the machine for a different thicknesses of aluminum and other material as well as how to diagnose the problems with your AC balance and also some demonstration of welding test using the ahp welder.At the end of the video,you will see over what are thing that the profesional welder likes and doesn’t like about the machine and shows you some simple ways to improve the welders overall performance.

From all the best three welder machine provider/manufacture company’s that I have know and have some of their infomation such example like the Longivity,everlast,and the Ahp company,it seem like the AHP have offer and more features with a lower price than the other 2 company,but the machine is only been offer with 3 year warranty where the others both offer 5 year warranty.

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——————– The Popularity And Manufacture Place ——————–

Is the alpha tig 200x a chinese or american welder

This great machine has been made and manufacture in USA and has been in US market for several years now.The official brand company for this machine is AHP Welds.This company has been running in us and has sold thousand of their machine mainly in us and other country such Uk and Canada.Even some of their parts has been made in china but their reputation and the popularity of the brand including the machine it self among with profesional welders around the world is the same level with everlast and maybe with the longivity brand reputation.

Why this tig welder machine is popular same as with other top brand company?the answer is the “low cost but great quality or maybe high quality” welder machine as we have currently now.

The Machine Stick Function

As for the stick function on my visit to the factory for the final changes and production run we had the factory add a anti stick function.What this means in affect is if the electrode sticks to the workpiece the amps will drop to 30 amps regardless of the setting so as to allow easy ( for want of a better word ) No Stick lifting. 

This is a really nice feature not only for beginners but for seasoned Welders as well.I personally am really happy with this function.As for the pulse.It may not be something that is used everyday ,however for welding Stainless it can be a great help to get that coloured look we all want to see.So from our point of view it was a necessary addition to the welder. (source – http://www.weld.com/index.php/weekendwarrior/ahp-welders#reply-2794)

So let’s watch the demonstrated,review or the testing videos below now

1.The first video is the AHP Alpha TIG 200x unboxing from liddell157.In this video you will seethe first look of this newest 2015 Ahp ac/dc tig welding been unboxing,what have come together with it etc.

2.The second video is from Kevin Caron,in his video below you will learn how to set TIG welding amperage especially with this machine.Caron has his AHP AlphaTIG 200X set at 100 amps, AC, AC frequency is at 120 herz, and the AC balance is at about 25%. He then welds a cut in the aluminum.

After Caron has finished welding, he shows how tall the weld is.He shows how flat the 100 amp weld is in comparison – that’s just 25 amps different.That’s how he figures out his amperage.He uses a piece of scrap metal just like the metal he’s going to weld on and tests it, going high and low, and narrowing in on the right amperage for the job.

3.AC welding Frequency with the AHP alphaTIG 200X – In the video from Mr Tig below,you look at how to set ting the machine for aluminum welding with a special look on how different frequency settings effect of the weld.

4.Demonstrated Video Tig welding an air tank with the AHP Alphatig 200x

For In this video you will watch HWR Robotics made a custom aluminum air tank out of the aluminum pipe from an umbrella and some scrap 3\16 plate with the machine.Also in the video they mention that they have doing an hydro test with 125 psi and it passed with out leaks.Watch it now below..

5.This is another great video from Kevin Caron which is showing to you how to use the AHP alphaTIG 200X 200 Amp for tig and arc welding machine.Kevin shows detailed how it works as a TIG welder and a stick welder You will see in the video Caron changes the welder over to stick welding (arc welding)..and watching he put on his leathers to stick weld because of the sparks from the arc welder.He inserts and twists the stinger into the front port marked “stick,” flips the toggle switch from TIG welding to stick welding, and he’s ready to work.

6.And the last video that come from Jesse Hughson you will see and also learn to get a nice TIG setup with the AlphaTIG 200x machine and use it on some aluminum project.

And there you go all latest 2015 Ahp tig welder demonstrated video that have been collected and compile into this post.We hope you will enjoy it and also get benefits from it.

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