Avoid Electric Shock during Welding work

Prevent The Electric Shock during Welding work

Electric shocks, depending on certain conditions, can be fatal, even at relatively low voltages. What comes out of your wall outlet is deadly if you play around with it. Even electrical gadgets working off batteries can cause you serious damage.It is important to take precautions to avoid electric shock. The following are especially important precautions to be taken:

  • Clothing. shoes, gloves and other protective equipment shall be kept as dry as possible.

  • Always wear approved hand protection and never permit the metal part of an electrode or holder to touch your body.

  • Electrodes shall be removed from the holder when not in use. Electrode holders when not in use shall be placed so they cannot make electrical contact with persons or conductive objects. Be careful to avoid shock when changing electrodes.

  • Check equipment regularly to see that electrical connections and cable are in good condition. Be particularly alert that the electrode holder cable connection is in good condition and secure. Only approved ground connecting devices and rod holders shall be used.

  • All welding lines and connections shall be insulated.

  • Welding machines shall be shut off when work is stopped.

  • Only authorized employees shall make repairs on welding machines.

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