Best 2017 Grizzly G9717 Bench Grinder review

Grizzly G9717 Bench Grinder with 1/2-Inch Arbor

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If you are looking for Grizzly G9717 Bench Grinder with 1/2-Inch Arbor,6-Inch that has a great provides and place your get on the web the you are in the right place now.This 1/3 hip 110v single-section industrial-duty bench grinder turns at 3450 rpm and usually takes 6-Inch grinding wheels from 1/2-Inch to three/four-Inch broad with 1/2-Inch bores.adjustable device rests and eye shields make instrument sharpening simple.rapidly starting off and neat operating for all day use.This grinder is approximate weight 19 lbs.

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Let’s See The More Details About This Grizzly Grinder

In the market for a bench grinder but don’t have much money? The Grizzly G91717 might just be what you need.I purchased the bench grinder G9717 as a replacement for my old bench grinder,which gave up on me while I was working on a project. While unfortunate, it seems that it was a blessing in disguise.This is because this bench grinder is much better than my old one and so far, it has not failed me.

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While the Grinder is easy to use, finding it wasn’t easy.I had to go through the painful process of looking at grinders that were too expensive for my tastes and ones that just didn’t pack enough juice for my needs.

It’s a 6″ bench grinder (two 6″ grinding wheels) with a 1/3 hp motor that runs on 110v (single phase motor). It spins at 3450 RPM.The Grizzly specs state it will accept 6″ grinding wheels from ½” to 5/8″ wide, although I’ve used wheels & accessories up to ¾” wide using my own thinner washer assemblies.

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You’ll need to have, find or buy grinding wheels with a ½” bore or an adapter to go from whatever internal diameter your grinding wheels have.The front mounted switch, whish is pretty standards, is slightly recessed. The grinder also has a grounded power cord that’s about 6 feet long.

What I like about this old grinder best is that it doesn’t take forever to spin up. It’ll take only seconds after flipping the switch for this one to speed up.Even better is that even using it, you’ll barely hear it at all. There’s little to no vibration when its running and I even find it hard to tell the difference between it under load and on idle. I consider this a great improvement compared to my old grinder that was just unbearably loud!

Pre-installed on the grinder are two 6” grinding wheels.One is a bit coarser (36 grit or so), while the other is medium (60 grit or something) and both are suitable for any grinding project you can think of.Sooner or later, I may replace the 36 grit wheel for something like 24 grit when necessary. I may also replace the 60 grit wheel with a 12 grit wheel for finer work.This bench grinder isn’t also that heavy. It only weighs about 19 pounds, out of the box.

Also, for a 1/3 hp motor, the Grizzly 6-inch bench grinder seems to have plenty of power as it cut grind through a 1/8” iron bar without even showing any signs of slowing down.

Grizzly Bench Grinder Features

  • This 1/3 hip 110v single-phase industrial-duty bench grinder turns at 3450 rpm
  • Adjustable tool rests and eye shields make tool sharpening simple
  • Fast starting and cool running for all day use

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G9717 Bench Grinder Description

This 1/3 hip 110v single-phase industrial-duty bench grinder turns at 3450 rpm and takes 6-Inch grinding wheels from 1/2-Inch to 3/4-Inch wide with 1/2-Inch bores. adjustable tool rests and eye shields make tool sharpening simple. fast starting and cool running for all day use. approximate shipping weight is 19 lbs.


Smaller, economical, and it performs wonderful. If you happen to be obtaining a 6 inch grinder odds are good you’re possibly grinding little things, sharpening tools, or getting care of other smaller, misc. Grinding responsibilities. These are all matters that i have carried out with this grinder and it is really executed quite effectively. I did not notice any large vibration or noise when run on or in use.

Minimal setup time and easy procedure. If you strategy on grinding large objects you may possibly appear at a grinder with far more hp and larger sized wheels. For tiny tasks and house use i’m positive this will past a lengthy time in my store.