Best auto darkening welding helmet review

Auto Darkening Helmet

Variable Shade Auto Darkening Helmet By Wel Bilt

variable auto darkening welding helmet

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This solar-powered auto-darkening high impact nylon welding helmet is ideal for all welding applications and designed to meet the most demanding requirements at one incredible price.With a large 3.86in. x 1.73in viewing area makes it ideal for seeing more of the workpiece at once. 


  • Solar-powered auto-darkening lens eliminates the need to replace batteries
  • Features shade 9-13 adjustment conveniently located on outside of helmet, allowing user to adjust without removing helmet
  • Comfortable 5-Point adjustable ratcheting headgear with replaceable sweatband
  • Constructed of sturdy and durable high-impact nylon
  • Striking and stylish flame design on a black helmet

A lightning fast 1/25,000-second switch time automatically darkens the lens the instant you start welding. Meets ANSI and CSA standards for safety.This helmet is auto darkening with can be fit adjustable and made with the CSE/CE Standard,also it get the ANSI Approval.It’s lens has been coated with UV/IR and built in with solar panel that act as a power supply.This Variable Shade Auto Darkening suit with all welding processes such MIG,Arc, Flux and TIG.

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