Best Buy 2018 AHP Alphatig 200x review

Best buy 2015 AHP Alphatig 200x review
This is one of The Best TIG welding Machine that i recommend to almost everyone and in particular,to beginners,this is one of my favorites as well – The ahp Alpha 200x

Hi and welcome to AlphaTIG 200x review page,in here i will tell and share with you the benefits and the advantages of the popular of AHP welding machine.Before we go more to this review,let me tell this little info to you all,The correct model name for this machine is actually 200X and not DX,The actual unit itself only has the X designation...

alphatig 200x

AHP AlphaTig 200x TIG Welder Machine

TIG welding machine that comes with the stick function would let you to perform a wide variety of welding tasks,no matter whether you are a professional or a hobby welder.

Alright,so now,what is exactly this little cute machine can do?This TIG machine that has a range of features that are designed for high performance.It can be operates on both 110v (150 amp output) and 220v with a full range of pulse features and cleaning control for AC.

 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 

With Pulse 110v & 200v

AlphaTIG 200X review
The AlphaTIG is a TIG welding machine that comes with the stick function would let you to perform a wide variety of welding tasks,no matter whether you are a professional or a hobby welder.With the quality of welding that is just like a professional and also been seen offered with the affordable price,this will allowing even the part-time welder to get the opportunity to have the best welding machine with in a reasonable budget.

The AlphaTIG 200X  also has been rated as one of the best welders currently available.It is small but powerful, and all the customers who have purchased this are impressed with its welding capability. So let us have a look at more detailed about this AHP AlphaTIG welding machine.

The machine has been build with the dimensions body of 9X21X17 inches,and this welding machine also weighing just around 40 pounds.The 200X welding machine is making use of the knobs on the control panel instead of your push button computer controls.Now let see the infront of control panel.

infront of alphatig 200x control panel
Infront panel the control panel of AHP AlphaTIG 200X welder,you are having a couple of rows of a dialer type controls.And in the first row,you have the amperage settings and in the second row, you will see the settings for the functions such Pulse frequency,Pulse time and Post flow.This welding unit makes use of the most reliable Fairchild IGBT inverter technology which would give you the full-rated output.There is also an anti-stick function in the current welding machine that could drop to 30 amps for easier stick lifting. 

This has been built to be a dual voltage machine which makes it suitable for both novice and intermediate users. This machine is promising to provide you with quality TIG welding on the materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel and Thinner-gauge materials.

 Now let have a look at the features 
  • Quality TIG welding on aluminum,stainless or steel and precise welding of thinner
  • Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Using IGBT technology
  • Square-wave inverter with pulse frequency allowing for simple set up and operating
  • The HF start tig & includes a foot pedal for great tig welding control and Operation
  • will do 1/4″ aluminum and 3/8″ mild stee and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding 7018, 6013 

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My opinion about this welding machine

In my opinion,the quality of this welding machine is a something which you can’t be ignore with it.With the easy to use of the function,and known to be very safe and even give the best result in term of the quality many of people who also bought this machine is sastified and feel worth to buy it.

If you are looking for a great TIG at cost point that delivers high-dollar results,then this is it. It is a very basic TIG to learn with and is very powerful for its size.Highly recommended for every household that does not already have it.Make sure you check out this TIG welding machine as it is popular among of other welders all around the world!


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    hi bro, i'm looking a new tig welder, i think this is suitable for me, but can you answer my question, will this machine run on 240V?

  • June 5, 2016 at 9:15 am

    thanks, I feel this welder is not only great to learn the TIG, also have plenty of room that can potentially earn money for me…anyway thank again.

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