Clarke 151EN Turbo Mig Welder Review

Clarke MIG151EN Turbo Mig Welder

Clarke MIG151EN
The Clarke 151EN brilliant little MIG welder machine,it does everything i want it to plus if i’m using it outside and it’s windy just switch to gasless wire and no need to bother about the gas getting blown away.Another thing is this machine isand very versatile for working outdoors, or away at a friend’s place with gasless wire.Gasless takes a bit of getting used to,but is ideal for quick jobs outside,small fence and gate jobs, etc.Some even use it for vehicle bodywork,so it can be done,just takes practice.

Clarke Mig Welder No Gas MIG151EN

This powerful 150 amp dual purpose machine offers the advantages of standard MIG welding but without the need for gas bottles.It can easily be converted to use conventional shielding gases but is supplied with a special flux-cored wire that produces it’s own gas shroud as it burns.This feature simplifys its use and makes it ideal for outside working since there is less chance of any breeze blowing away the shrouding effect of the gas. Particularly suited to automotive and light agricultural use.


Clarke 151EN Product Description

Introducing the Clarke Mig151TE offering full professional specification including on/off (non live) torch, these best selling top quality MIGs are unbeatable value for money.First choice for auto body work,they are ideal for hobby,professional & light industrial users alike.Features include a professional type torch with full on/off control of power,wire feed & gas,and a powerful wire drive motor.Multiple power settings give optimum welding power control.This TE model is fan cooled for longer use at full output and includes wheels and a handle.230v / 1 phase operation.Rotary power selection for easy operation.
  • Professional type torch with full on/off control of power
  • Extra tough protective edging front & rear.
  • Powerful Wire Drive Motor
  • Provision to carry a spare gas bottle
  • Thermal Overload Protection
This welder will be good enough for any job on a car,the setting will want to be as high as possible without blowing holes in the metal and the only way to get it right is to practice on bits of metal.Wire feed is smooth and precise and numerous power settings help get the perfect balance for a smooth and constant weld.Wire speed depends on power settings and again practice and adjust untill it sounds right and welds nicely.Definately money well spent.Very highly recommended.