Clarke MIG130EN Turbo Mig Welder review

Clarke MIG130EN 240V 130A Turbo Mig Welder


Clarke MIG130EN
This powerful welding device was made to be handy,so you can take it anywhere you go.It is light in weight with its 25 kg weight.The Clarke’s MIG130EN are good welders.I have a 130EN and it has worked well. Have used it a lot over the last 6 months,no problems.A few times i wish i had gotten the 180EN as i needed to do thicker steel.I just beveled the edges and it worked fine.It does have a bit high minimum current.
That can make welding thin panels difficult.Using 0.6mm wire will get around the issue.Between the 130E and 130EN,look at what comes with it.Both should come with a gas regulator.They are basically the same unit, so either is fine.

About Clarke MIG130EN

This dual purpose machine offers the advantage of standard MIG welding, but without the need for gas bottles, although it can easily be converted for use with gas. A special flux-cored wire which produces its own gas shroud as it burns, allows this machine to weld steel without a bottled gas supply, simplifying its use. Outdoor use is easier since there is less chance of blowing away the shrouding effect of the gas.

A turbo fan is fitted for greater efficiency, and multiple power settings make for a more accurate welding power control,this machine has 4 settings. This unit is convertible for use with gas for welding aluminium, mild and stainless steel (subject to purchase of the appropriate wire, tips, gas & regulator).A hinged side door makes for fast, easy access when changing wire.

About Clarke

All Clarke products comply with the latest British & European Standards & European safety / CE Directives. They are all thoroughly tested by the in-house R&D and QC departments. Specialist products are also further tested by an independant 3rd party government approved test house. Many Clarke products have won awards from a variety of leading magazines when independently tested and reviewed.


  • Power settings from 30-130 amps
  • Turbo Fan Cooling
  • Variable Electronic Wire Speed Control
  • Hinged Side Door
  • Extra tough protective edging front & rear

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