Everlast PowerTig 200DX AC DC TIG Stick Pulse Welder Review Video

The Basic TIG Welding

Everlast PowerTig 200DX

Stable, smooth arc characteristics with good puddle wet in. Portable and lightweight with industrial capability. Adjustable weld parameters for 2t/4t operation. Pulse function increases weld quality and reduces overall heat input to help control burn through on thin metals.

Easy to connect DINSE 35/70 style torch connectors on torch and quick connect gas line allows quick setup. Digital readout for accurate setting of amperage while in torch switch mode. Color coded controls are easy to find and understand.Includes 12ft economy WP 26 series air-cooled Tig torch,6 ft input power cable,Work clamp with cable,SMAW electrode holder(Stub style, subject to change.),Argon regulator,Consumable starter pack (Does not include Tungsten.),Foot Pedal.

Testing the PowerTIG 200DX