Functions of PipeWorx Welding System

Miler Pipe Worx Welding System

Functions of Pipe Worx Welding System

Quick Process Changeover no need to manually switch polarity or cables and hoses between processes. Simply push a process selection button to choose a welding process. PipeWorx ‘Quick-Select’ technology automatically selects the welding process,The multi-process welding system is designed for apply in pipe fabrication shops to supply ease-of-use and exceptional pipe-welding presentation with quick, one-button switch between processes.The PipeWorx System’s Stick, TIG, MIG as well as Miller’s RMD and ProPulse technologies and flux cored processes have been optimized particularly for pipe fabrication.

Switching between the processes is almost on the spot, with no need to manually switch division, cables or hoses, thus increasing efficiency and eliminating a potential source of errors.The PipeWorx System’s accessibility and optimized weld processes allow even new welders to produce code-quality welds quickly and with less training.

Setting up a new procedure requires only a few simple steps, ensuing in quicker training times and dipping the chance for input errors. Operators need only select the preferred process and, as appropriate, the electrode or wire, the gas, the voltage and the wire feed speed. 

Up to four programs can be stored for all process, and processes can be communal among different machines via a memory card. The front board, designed by pipe welders for pipe welders, is obviously labeled, easy to use and provides only the pedals necessary for the task at hand. To get rid of confusion, only backlit controls are modifiable.