Get know about Arc Welding and Stick Welding

 know about Arc Welding and Stick Welding 

Arc welding is one of several fusion processes for joining metals.Since the joining is an intermixture of metals, the final weldment potentially has the same strength properties as the metal of the parts. This is in sharp contrast to non-fusion processes of joining (i.e. soldering, brazing etc.) in which the mechanical and physical properties of the base materials cannot be duplicated at the joint.All we have to follow a few steps, to obtain that welding down part:There are a few basic and simple to learn steps to facilitate you need to take into consideration before you even try how to stick weld or arc weld.

How do I know? I’ve been present and done that. I know how hard it be able to learn how to stick weld for a person who has never welded before in their life. Regularly the first timer will make a few silly mistakes that can destroy their first time stick or arc welding experience

Equipment like:

  • How to strike an arc and remain it going. This is a big subject for anyone who is learning how to stick weld. How can I do it? Why does it remain sticking to the job?
  • What range welding electrode should I use?
  • What kind of welding electrode should I use?
  • Which method do I move the electrode?
  • What power setting should I set my machine on?

What about welding protection. What should I be alert of when welding? What will harm me and put me at risk of injury? If you are new to welding, you might not be attentive of what to look out for.