Guide for Choosing best portable generators

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There are quite a lot of considerations to make when looking around for portable generators for home use. We’ll run through a checklist here of what to look for and take into account.
Electrical definitions:
Probably the best thing you can firstly do is understand basic definitions for electrical terms that will apply to home based portable generators.For example, learn more about what watts, volts and amps mean. Amps are you big one if you have lots of lighting to think of.
Best Portable Generator
From this you’ll be able to determine how much wattage you are going to require at a minimum. For a portable generator for home, different brands range hugely in engine sizes. The engine size basically gives you either more or less power to your home, so, work out if you need to run your fridge, oven, television and lots of power points, or, whether in an emergency you just need portable generators for home use to feed say just your fridge, a few lights and some power points (much smaller and cheaper to buy).
Work out whether you would plug the portable generator directly into your main home power box (you will need a transfer switch if you do which range in price from $50 to $300 or so) or whether you would just use the power outlets that come with the portable generator. These are 120 volt DC outlets.If you needed 240 volt AC you can buy an inverter to convert the power.
Take into consideration your budget too when purchasing portable generators for home use. Large more powerful generators will require a lot more gas to run them and they can be a couple of thousand dollars to purchase as well.
Portable generators for home use come with varying warranties. Generally like most things this is based on cost of the generator but should be taken into account along with accessories support and installation. As far as installation goes though these days its more common to buy portable generators online now than ever before and as you will be performing the installation, the manufacturer basically has everything ready to go. Usually all you have to do to the portable home generator is top up the oil before first start up, but they all come with a load of simple to follow instructions.
Be aware when buying online though as to whether whatever portable home generator you’ve just bought comes with wheels, power cord oil and oil filling funnel. Although they may show all these in the photos you will be very disappointed to receive it without these important items because they are in fact accessories to the base generator for home use. This would be only in rare rather unscrupulous occasions though.
Work out how much you you are likely to use a portable generator at home. If you think its going to be a lot then try and spend as much money as you can on the generator purchase. If this is the case we assume that you will be using it not so much as a back up generator and more as a portable generators for home use to supplement your power. You will want a large generator then and one that’s going to be durable and reliable long term.
Propane Powered Portable Generators:
You might also like to consider that there are a few different portable generators for home use in the way they’re powered. For example you can either buy the more common gas powered generator, or, if you live in an area where gas is scarce then you should consider a propane powered portable generator. You could have additional tanks of propane for emergency use.
Diesel Powered Portable Generators for home use:
You can also buy diesel powered portable generators but they are very expensive.However they are much quieter to run and will probably last for your entire lifetime with little maintenance, so this can be a great but expensive alternative to gas if you’ve got the budget and are going to get a lot of use out of it.
Inverter Portable Generators:
Inverter generators are something you could also look at as an option for portable generators for home use, but they are a lot smaller than the usual ones and are tended to be used more for portable generators in camping grounds when its important to have something that’s quiet. They are great for powering power sensitive equipment like computers though.
Portable Generator Reviews:
As contractors we have had years of experience with all the different generator brands.In addition for this site we have either stopped by the roadside as well as rung hundreds of other contractors to ask of their experience with different portable generators for home use as well as commercial use.We have put up our views on this site along with different negatives and positives as to whether we consider they are worthwhile buying or not.So take a look at the menu bar at the top to go to other products reviews.