Guide for choosing the right TIG welder

Choosing The Right TIG Welder

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This article will discuss about how to choose the right TIG welder machine.Everyone wants to know what to look for in a TIG machine.And yes there are so many features,options and accessories,so with all kind of that stuff,selecting the right TIG machine can seem overwhelming.

Aside from things like good starts,a smooth arc and feature upgrades there are some basics you should consider.Considering the variety of welding processes available, selecting the right one for your shop could be a confusing and difficult decision.In any manufacturing operation, matching the best process to the application can be the difference between profit and loss on a job.

Choosing the best TIG welder for the application is simple in the event that you follow the best selection criteria. This task is about selecting the best Tig welder for the most useful performance on a particular application. Choosing a welding machine based only on its price can cost extra money if it generally does not meet the particular welding needs for the required tasks.

The Right Way To Choose The Most Best TIG Welder

Tig welding can be an excessively precise process providing you with very clean welds, without any spatter and with minimal smoke.This makes it become attractive for the highly cosmetic applications like sculpture, automotive,experimental aircraft,in addition to a number of home-hobbyist tasks. 

It’s popular in applications involving thin-gauge parts of metal, lighter metals like aluminum, copper alloys, and chrome-moly tubing. These materials need precise heat control to evade warping or burn off through the bottom of the metal. Tig welding machines efficiently operate at the lower amperages required to supply this control.

Low Amperage Welding

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Besides operating with a broad amperage range, you need to choose a Tig machine, which has excellent arc stability below 10 amps. Such equipment will give you much easier starting, much better heat control, and exemplary crater fill capability by the end of each weld. Tig welding is used for thin materials, which means you must be in a position to start the welder without hot start or high frequency. 

Some devices claim to have these starting technologies that help to launch the arc, but unfortunately, many of these innovations produce nothing different from a hot start. Therefore, the best Tig welder will have a broad amperage range (from lowest to highest amp).

Amperage Range

Always think about the amperage range when choosing a Tig welder. You need the one that offers the widest range at the perfect cost. A Tig welder with too narrow amperage range can seriously limit the materials, which you will be able to weld. A welding machine with range between 5 and 230 amps offers you the flexibility to weld thin materials, such as 24-gauge stainless steel or over 1/4 in. thick Aluminum. 

Aluminum requires higher amperage compared to steel and stainless materials. Using a welder that cannot reach the minimum of 200 amps limits the maximum possible welding thickness of Aluminum from 1/8 to 3/16 in. A wider amperage range resembles more applications it is possible to use the welder on, never needing to buy or use other welding machines.


When purchasing a device that will be used in the same location over and over again, portability may not be an issue. However, if the power supply will undoubtedly be moved to the store, or to weld a sign on the highway, a portable welder will be required. There are two fundamental methods to use a Tig welder as a portable device; these include the usage of engine-driven welders and inverters.

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Inverters weigh around 10 pounds and run at 115 and 230-volt currents. They are power converters enabling a device to be smaller sized and lighter than the standard equipment. Engine-driven welders are employed each time a welder does not use a power supply for welding. Engine-driven source of power can be used for on-the-field maintenance, pipeline welding and construction work, while many engine-driven welders have power-generating capabilities.

The Controls

Heat control is yet another vital feature of the successful Tig welding. Welding thin metals, the regulation of heat input lowers the metal’s warpage. A good method to control the weld’s heat input without losing weld penetration would be pulse weld. Using pulsed Tig welding, the device alternates between higher and lower currents. This preserves the arc while letting the welded joint to cool.

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The best Tig welder comes with an extra integral Tig pulser to supply good heat input control. This feature is a popular training tool, which can be adapted to help you time the use of filler metal into the weld puddle. Put simply, you can dip the filler metal into the weld puddle throughout the peak amperage and withdraw the filler metal throughout the background amperage. This can help the novice welder create a regular looking “stacked dime” weld bead appearance, frequently associated with the excellent Tig welding models.

Budget Price

In a perfect world,we’d have unlimited funds to build the best system for every situation. However, in reality we have to make the best decision that gets the job done.The price of the different TIG welders will always been different.It can range between $100 -$7200, based on the equipment/packages and parameters/brands purchased.The best cost will go somewhere in the middle,for professional work and below $1000 or even under $500 for hobbyist welders.

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After thinking about what,how often & where you’ll be welding, think about the unit that fits your budget & does the job:

Be realistic – don’t be oversold on features you don’t already intend on using, do some research ahead of time & buy what you want.Now, if you’re fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget carefully consider the upgrade.Remember that “features” add complexity to equipment, although having options is a nice luxury if you can afford it.

Don’t be cheap – buy the right welder for the job.Like any tool,your welding equipment was designed for an intended application or job.Using your machine for something it wasn’t intended for can cause problems.If welding is your livelihood,consider the value of equipment designed for your line of welding.

Choosing the best TIG welder involves more than simply looking for the most affordable rate. You must look at the Tig process and make sure it has good quality, great looking welds, frequently welded on very heat-delicate materials; furthermore, arc efficiency must be the most imperative component to consider. 

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