Hobart Handler 140 Review 2018 – MIG wire feed welder

Hobart 140 Mig Welder Review

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder review
This page will tell you about our top choice for the best MIG welder for 2017.I have researched and found the MIG machine that will give you a very clean and quick when you are doing your welding work such as repair your truck, making your DIY fabrication projects and many more…

One of our best welder list is:

Currently, there are many MIG welders has been sold from the top brand such as Hobart, Miller, Lincoln and much more, and one of them is the welder from Hobart, the Hobart 140 wire feed MIG welder.

This dual functions welder was so popular among professional welders and because of the easy to setup it is also the first choice for new people who were just becoming a welder and feeling to try playing with the MIG welding.

With the portable size, it will make you easy to pick and carry out to anywhere of your workplaces.With 25 – 140 amperage output and a 20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps, surely you can get the welding performance you need and lots of your small projects can be done with it. 

Hobart 140 MIG welder specs:

  • Weight – 65.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Power – 25 – 140 Amp

Alright lets talk about this Hobart MIG machine.This MIG welder runs both flux core and mig processess and it does a amazing job of both for being a 120v unit.It has been built-in with the mig function and capable of running mild steel, stainless steel, flux-cored, and aluminum wires.

Hobart Handler 140 can work with any welding materials as thin as 24-gauge up to 1/4 inch thick, making it ideal for Maintenance, construction, home repairs, rental shops, farm and auto body workshops. – http://pickwelder.com/

With weighted of 65 pounds it was not a big machine for you to carry it to any places, and if you are planning to do with some DIY project this 140 wire feed welder will be your best MIG machine choice.

Just give any fabrications works that your know, making a hammock, iron fence, repairing your car body or replacing the car exhaust this welder will be an excellent choice for all this kind of jobs.

Hobart 500559 MIG Welder Welding Demonstrated Video

In the video below, BleepinJeep talking about this welder and make some demonstrating by doing MIG welding to the pipe that tack with the steel plate and shows the different of weld beads after using with the different ampere.

Credits to: BleepinJeep Youtube Channel

Hobart 500559 Features

  • Welds 24 gauge to 1/4 inch mild steel
  • Operates off 115-volt household current
  • 25 – 140 amps
  • Industrial cast aluminum drive system
  • Designed and assembled in Troy, OH USA

Hobart Handler 140 Flux Core Welding Function

This welder has been built-in with the dual functions which are the MIG (gas), and also the flux cored, and it can weld the 1/4″ mild steel, this unit too also running with 115 volts and can be plug-in in any standard outlet.

P/s: Flux core arc welding/FCAW is the same machine as the MIG welder, but the difference is it either uses just the wire with a flux in the center of it or a combination of the flux in the center of the wire and a shielded gas from a bottle.Flux core welding is mostly used outside when there are heavy production demands for the amount of weld done per hour.This is commonly used in shipyards where a lot of welds is required and it is windy. – Credits to: http://www.gowelding.org/articles/introduction-welding/

The flux core wire changed system

Hobart Handler 140 quick-release drive roll system

With quick-release drive roll system, making the wire changes with simple and fast without to slow down to change the wire size.This machine is designed to use flux cored along with gas and it will use 24, 30 and 35 flux core wire.

There are other things you should know before you are doing some flux cored welding with this 140 welder machine.The video below is from HEAPofJEEP, in this video video Jason will unboxing the Hobart wire feed mig welder and show you how to setup it, also Jason demonstrate by doing flux cored welding with this machine too:

Credits to: HEAPofJEEP Youtube Channel 

Can this Handler 140 MIG welder be use to welding the stainless steel?

With just adding the spool gun and combined with the tri mix gas(argon, carbon dioxide and helium) this Hobart 500559 unit can also be used to weld the stainless steel with the thickness range 1/8″ or above(depend on your welding skill level).

Note: Using Helium gas with other two gasses will help the penetration and cutting down the porosity problem.

Hobart 140 five voltage position and wire speed controller

hobart 140 welder front control panel

Wire speed controller

  • Now from the front panel picture, you can see it have two different knobs control, the upper knob is for the wire feeder speed with the number start from 10 to 100, and the below knob is for the voltage control.

Voltage controller

  • The voltage control has five position selector( 5 red docks), this control will allow you to dial up the perfect setting to deliver a smooth, stable arc at all welding thicknesses.

Hobart Handler 140 Vs Hobart Handler 190 Mig Welder

Maybe some of you currently confusing to choose which one, whether the Hobart 140 or Hobart 190 welder.So because of this I make an comparison for both machines to help you choosing and decide with is the best welder machine for you.

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder:

The Handler 140 is extremely versatile and perfect for the welder that wants to work on auto body, household repairs, or even heavier farm projects that require extra welding power.The Handler 140 operates on 115-volt household current.


  • Weight – 65.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Power – 25 – 140 Amp

A five position tapped control voltage selector gives you the ability to tune fine your arc offering a smooth stable arc on all thicknesses.Built with an industrial cast aluminum drive system and a heavy duty work clamp the Handler 140 is a wire welding package with industrial performance.

Below was the Hobart Handler 140 features:

  • five position control voltage selector that will allows you to tune your arc and get a smooth also stable arc on all thickness every time.
  • Built-in contactor that keeps the wire electrically cold until the spool gun trigger gets pulled.
  • Industrial cast aluminum drive system and heavy duty work clamp that makes it a heavy duty and durable tool.
  • Dual-groove quick change drives roll for easy setup and quick spool gun change, whenever necessary.
  • Convenient polarity changeover for better arc performance and easy use.
  • Built-in self-resetting thermal overload system, which offers protection in the toughest applications.
  • Short circuit protection guarding against current overload

Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder:

Hobart Handler 190 With spool gun welder

The Hobart Handler 190 is spool gun ready for welding aluminum.Directly plug in the optional SpoolRunner 100 spool gun to eliminate feeding problems associated with aluminum wire welding.No additional control box or adapter is required to connect the SpoolRunner 100.A selector switch for MIG gun or spool gun operation makes switching guns quick and easy.


  • Weight – 65.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 29.5 x 18.5 x 13.7 inches
  • Power – 25 – 190 Amp

Not like 140, this Hobart Handler 190 got more features and has been built with a spool gun:
  • Seven voltage options, infinite wire feed speed control, and improved magnetics deliver a good and easier parameter output control, providing improved arc performance with reduced spatter that results in better beads, needing very less clean up.
  • Built-in Spool gun control circuitry in which the spool-gun SpoolRunner 100 can be directly plugged in. This spool gun eliminates the feeding problems with soft aluminum wires.
  • Built-in patented wire feeder technology releases drive roll lever quickly, for eased use.
  • Built-in contractor makes the welding tool easy to use. This also makes the wires cold electrically when any welding is not being done, which is also an excellent safety feature.
  • Dual groove drive roll system is perfect for easy switching of the wire sizes.
  • Polarity changeover can be easily accessed. This feature also includes storage holes that are necessary for storing spare tips.
  • Self-resetting thermal overload and motor protection aids overloading, ensuring the durability of the welder.

Hobart Handler 140It is very safe for welder to use Hobart Handle since it has a built-in contactor that keeps the wire electrically cold until the spool gun trigger does get pulled. Hobart Handler has a built right in self-resetting thermal overload system, which gives protection in the toughest applications. In addition, it has a short circuit protection guarding against current overload.

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder Review is very dependable all round excellent welder for the money.It is very consistent from one weld to another and has no wire speed changes.It uses very minimal amperage at 120 volts making it very cheaper than the likes of Hobart Handler 190.


If you just a hobbyist and doing with just a small welding projects then the 140 will be good for you, but if you are doing welding more than a just hobby, doing with bigger projects and need more power than I recommend to you the Hobart 190 or above models.Anywhere the choice is your hand, and i hope this post will give you a little or more benefits and can help you to choose which is one suitable for you.


     Hobart Handler 140 Video     

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Video


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