Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Review 2017

Karcher K4 Home Water Cooled Pressure Washer

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Pressure washers are very versatile machines and can be used all around the house or a commercial property.The pressure washers are not only just for washing down your dirty driveway.When combined it with the correct products they will become a great and effectively at cleaning cars or other thing and leave a professional finish.Design,water flow and attachments are different significantly between with other brand products,so in here we are just make a review 1 of the best pressure washers in 2017…introducing..

The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer

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For your info,this hardworking 1800W motor inside of the product is looked after by water-cooling,so you can enjoy with enhanced performance and a longer life cycle.This pressure machine also have a water inlet filter to prevent dirt particles from damaging the pump in it,With a liberal 420 litres per hour flow rate and a powerful 130 bar pressure,the K4 Home is ideal for cleaning:

  • Barbecues
  • Garden patios and decking
  • Stone walls
  • Motorbikes
  • Larger vehicles
This Pressure Washer is an excellent product.The Karcher K4 is certainly a very powerful cleaner,it looks great and preforms just as good too! From our testing it did exactly what we wanted and more.It’s perfect for keeping the garden paths and patios free from: 

Algae, moss and dirt.It also makes light weight of cleaning a car,van or caravan too.

K4 Features

  • 420 Maximum water flow rate
  • 130 Maximum bar pressure
  • 6m Eco high pressure hose and 5m power cable
  • Detergent intake: Plug and Clean system
  • Automatic start and stopped motor when the trigger is released
Long Life Water Cooled Motor

A water-cooled motor enhances the performance and provides a long life,water is designed to go around the motor when the product is in use to cool the motor.All Kärcher pressure washers are designed with an automatic motor stop/start motor so the unit isn’t continuously flowing during your cleaning application.

Water Inlet Filter

The inlet filter is already built in the unit, this filter prevents debris entering and damaging the pump.

Stone Plug and Clean Detergent

A powerful stone cleaner with a 3-in-1 formula which offers exceptional cleaning performance due to the active dirt dissolver, as well as an efficient algae protection formula and wind and weather protection.Simply plug the container into your plug and clean facility or put the detergent suction tube into the container.

Karcher K4 Description

Karcher K4The K4 Home Pressure Washer combines power and energy efficiency through its water-cooled induction motor resulting in exceptional performance and a longer life. An upright design, wheels and long handle ensures complete mobility and the on-board storage solution means the trigger gun, hose and accessories can be stowed neatly with the machine so that they are always within reach.

The ‘Home’ package includes a T350 Patio Cleaner and a 1L Stone 3 in 1 detergent which allows larger,even vertical areas such a garage doors, to be cleaned quickly and without splashing.

The machine is very heavy when lifted; however it works well on its wheels.The Karcher K4 Home has an onboard storage solution,which means the trigger gun and all the accessories can be stored neat and safely with the machine.It is quite a bulky product so it will take up quite a bit of space in your home or shed. If your planning on buying this product,check the dimensions to ensure that you can accommodate it in your home.

User Experience & Conclusion

For a responsive user experience,the motor stops automatically when the trigger is released,a good plus point in my eyes.Upright construction,smoothwheels and a higher handle offer excellent mobility when transporting this pressure washer.Meanwhile the lance and trigger storage facility and large cable hook ensures compact storage.

This is great if your garage is full or you want to take it with you,to a caravan for example.K4 is not just useful for floor surfaces,it is also great for cleaning cars,garden furniture and many more.I would recommend K4 to anyone especially if you are after an affordable pressure washer.Thank you for reading the Karcher K4 Home Water Cooled Pressure Washer Review.

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