Latest Duromax XP4400E Generator Review

Duromax XP4400E Portable Generator 4,400 Watt

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator Electric
This The Duromax XP4400E portable generator has created a lot of mixed reviews.It have some really good points for a portable generator in lower price categories with some people have had a dream to run with it and like it very much,while some others can’t stand with the minor thing and had trouble during running with it.

The XP4400E generates 4400 watts from its 7 horse power four cycle engine (but make that 3500 continuous watts).It have two 120 volt DC outlets and is reasonably lightweight at 116 pounds,so this generator is portable enough to transport in your RV and within 3500 watt it will powered a lot of appliances in your home.However,users of this generator report that it’s at its happiest at about 2500 watts.

At $4++ with delivered free to your door,that’s a fairly good price considering they included the wheel kit (some brands doesn’t include it and charged seperately for the wheel).it is well packaged and sturdy looking and also have weights a litlle over 100 lbs. 

Duromax XP4400E Portable Generator
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Many user do said that this generator have a good lower noise level and hasn’t need to worry to much when they put and running it outside of their house.This would be naturally mean that it would seem acceptable to be running at camping grounds too,which is a hugely bonus.But don’t expect to much as this generator run with gas and it is normal for all generators to making a noise and the only different with all of them is “loud or quite noise level”. 

If you intended to running the XP4400E a lot at your home,I recommend to install a transfer switch so you can easily connect the generator to your home’s main breaker panel.You should be able to install it yourself and the switch will cost you about $2++.This transfer switch is recommended for all portable generators that use for home as it does to clean away the untidy and dangerous cable that lying everywhere.

While it is not a top brand name as you known,but It works well and is barely audible from inside the house.It certainly will not be able to power up the whole house but it can definitely keep your gas heat’s motor and pump running along side with the refrigerator and sump pumps including a number of your essential devices.

  • Continual 3500 watts
  • Electric start and recoild start
  • Comes with wheel kit
  • 36″ x 24″ x 24″
  • 7 hp / 4 cycle engine
  • One year warranty

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Pros of the Duromax XP4400E:

  • Excellent price of $405 delivered free to your door
  • Electric start
  • Reasonably lightweight and portable
  • Very quiet
  • Comes complete with wheel kit

  • Some have complained about build quality
  • Some complaints about tripping out at 20 amps
  • Does not arrive with oil
  • Is not CARB complaint, therefore unable to use it in California, but can be used in all other States

As I said before,some people really like this generator and while some other seem do not like it very much,but the people that really like it are around 80%,and considering the prices i found in all retail stores,this generator is a great deal,especially when you are considering the shipping costs on over 100lbs weighs that most stores include in their,if you interested i would say Duromax XP4400E generator is perfect for an RV and not bad as a back up portable generator for home use as well…Thanks for reading this review,i hope you all will get the benefits from it – Matt