Procedures to weld sheet Metal with stick welders

The actual trick to welding thin metal is to use a wire supply. Just flippant, this tip is to give details how to do it with a stick welder. A wire provides or tig welder is model for sheet metal, except we decide suppose that you don’t contain. 

We need to found and what measured thin metal is. There is no total “according to Hoyle” answer, but I forever considered something less than 3/16″ to be thin. So from this point on we are talking regarding less than 3/16″ material.

The first thing to shape out is what type of welding rods and what size of welding rods to use. If you contain nice new 1/8″ material, I would go with 3/32″ 7018 rods. If you include old rusty painted up 14 gauges, I might be tending to use 1/8″ or 3/32″ 6011 rods. 

You may ask me, why don’t you just crush the rust off? Well if it’s just outside rust go ahead, but if it’s pitted out you will crush all the material away before you get it clean. Not only have that, but if you are just doing a rapid repair job on incredible, just welded it. Probability is, if the material is that bad the weld will distant out last the rest of the material at any rate.