Sealey SUPERMIG 180 MIG Welder Review 2018

Sealey SUPERMIG180 Professional MIG Welder with Binzel Euro Torch

Sealey SUPERMIG180 MIG Welder is a welding machine that any serious entrepreneur would want to have in their garage.This machine excellent continuous performance on car panel thickness material.With the forced-air cooling system allows it run with high duty cycle.This solid machine had some really nice and superb weld penetration together with a wire feed motor system of functionality. 
Technical Detail: 
  • Model No: SUPERMIG180
  • Welding Current: 30-180A
  • Wire Capacity: 5-15kg
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 56A, 75% @ 65A, 60% @ 73A, 15% @ 145A
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Spot Welding Timer: Yes
  • Gas Type: CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix
  • Torch: Euro Non-Live – BINZEL MB15
  • Supply: 230V-1ph
  • Absorbed Power: 5.7kW
  • Case Size: Large
  • Weight: 45kg



Does SUPERMIG18 MIG Welder is the best option?

Together with other unique features that made me to order one unit for my garage,I have never regretted having made the decision of buying this welder.The binzel non-live Euro torch reduces accidental arcing and is comfortable in the hand thus ensuring a steadier weld bead.

SUPERMIG 180 can Weld stainless stell and also the aluminium too.The SUPERMIG180 welder machine with its versatility has now enabled me to be able to weld any given type of metal.All the kinds of metals can now be welded in my garage. By the use of a spool gun, you will be able to weld aluminum,something that’s not possible with most of the other cheap welders.
Although there aren’t any customer reviews on Amazon,we have test it and gone ahead to researched about this machine elsewhere and got a couple of feedback mostly negative which can be termed as cons.The small concern for people is that the look and feel of this helmet is not exactly as shown in the specifications and the pictures. 
Other than that this product is really great and has no big concern.You will never ever regret having spent your money in it.For the doubting,i have already tried using this welder and the results are good.You can as well give it a try.After all, you won’t be the first one to go for it.