Sealey SUPERMIG200 vs Wolf MIG 140 Comparison Review

Sealey SUPERMIG200 vs Wolf MIG 140 Comparison Review 2016(Uk only)

With a good MIG welding machine,the metal can be welded more accurately and fast.The right welding machine is necessary for user convenience and easy use, as this offers more productivity and accuracy.Thicker metals can be welded in one pass instead of requiring several passes, which saves a lot of time.A good MIG welder is also capable of welding much thinner materials. 
High welding speeds can be obtained in compared to other welder types.The best part of a MIG welding machine is that the welding can be done in any positions,including even overhead.Now,in this page we are not talking about the MIG basic,but we are doing an comparison with Sealey SUPERMIG200 and the Wolf MIG 140 mig welder machine.So which is the best welder machine?..Let’s read more about both machine now.
Sealey SUPERMIG200

Sealey SUPERMIG200

This machine is the ideal choice for the Automotive Industry,Light Fabrication and DIY users alike wishing to purchase a MIG welder offering excelent value for money and a better duty cycle than the Supermig  180.

  • Welding Current: 30-200 amps
  • Wire Spool Sizes: Both 5kg & 15kg
  • Wire Size Diameter: 0.6mm & 0.8mm (Mild Steel)
  • Cooling System: Fan Cooled
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 62 amps / 60% @ 80 amps
  • Gas Types: Argon, Argon/CO2 Mix, CO2
  • Power Input: 230v – 1ph
  • Power Consumption: 7.4kw
  • Weight: 45.3kg


This machine also good for basic panel work as well,will easily stand up to general workshop abuse and will buzz all day without a stutter.Wire feed could be a little stronger when your at the limits but other than that i cant really fault them.


If its been set up to use gasless with flux wire and then you change to gas without changing the polarity of the welder or the wire to non flux mild steel you will get exactly the performance you descibed in your opening post.
Used gasless with 9mm flux wire it gives a good strong weld but a bit spattery.Used with gas and mild steel 8mm or 6mm wire (and the polarity changed from gasless setting) you get a really nice weld and much less spatter.



Wolf MIG 140

Wolf MIG 140
This is an entry level welder which is functional and easy to use.The welder comes with all necessary bits and pieces to gas or gasless weld. If you want to weld an oil rig, buy a pro welder at a pro price.The Wolf 140 Turbo Fan cooled Combination Gas/No Gas MIG Welder has so many features.This smooth DC output welder offers both gas and no gas MIG welding, and is easily interchangeable between the two.With simple polarity changing (requiring no tools),makes this welder such a simple and quick way to convert this high performance machine!
Supplied with all the accessories needed to start gas or no gas MIG welding,the Wolf MIG 140 welder with its non live torch is a pleasure to use.Incorporating 6 selectable power output settings, you can select the best setting for the job in hand, whilst the welding current range can be set from 30 amps to 135 amps.
With fully variable wire speed control,you can adjust the wire speed to suit precisely the work. You’ll not fail to be impressed with the performance of this machine. If you’ve never had a DC output welder, you’ve never experienced just how straight forward obtaining good welding results can be. The inbuilt turbo fan cooling cool allows for extended welding duty cycles.
Technical specification: 
  • Non live torch
  • Turbo fan cooled
  • 30 amps-135 amps welding current range
  • 6 selectable power settings
  • Smooth DC output current
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Fully portable
  • Operates from a 230V single phase supply
  • Weight: 32Kg
This good value machine seems very capable and I expect years of diy use from it, it is ideal for beginers and the more proficient welders a like.Fantastic piece of kit,does a great job,would recommend to anyone whos looking to get started,or even a hobbie.