Spot Welder Advantages Limitations

Spot Welding machine for car


  • The procedure involves smaller amount maintenance money.
  • Ability of the worker does not influence the quality of spot welds obtained by this procedure.
  • The process is usually free from burn and splash.


  • To achieve small cost of building, the weld manufacture cost is not very high.
  • The procedure proves uneconomical as compared to resistance spot welding where the latter are able to be simply employed.


The use of physically operated arc spot welding gun is an ordinary thing in a variety of industries. Arc spot welding is particularly applicable for situations where resistance spots welding wants high pressure, high currents, does not have simple access and therefore fails to weld.

Arc spot welding torch be able to also be working to make holes in plates up to 3 mm broad or consequently. After the arc has impinged on the plate for a exact time, high force inert gas blows away the molten metal leaving a hole in the plate. Additional applications of, the process are in:

1. Automobile manufacturing.
2. Manufacture of sheet metal goods.
3. Assemble sheet metal to steel structures.
4. Manufacture of pulleys.
5. Joining killed carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, titanium, etc.