Submerged Arc Welding and its benefits

There are several advantages to using Submerged Arc Welding which consist of:

  • It has a high deposition speed and it can penetrate the weld deeply.
  • When you have intended a good process and you have control more what you are doing you can be sure that you get a strong weld.
  • You can actually do this with thin sheets of steel and they can be completed at a higher speed.
  • Some minimal fumes or arc lights which makes this a safer process.
  • You can perform this indoors or outdoors.
  • You don’t have a lot of bends.
  • You don’t get any splash on the welds because the arc is always below the blanket of flux.
  • As with any method there are a few restrictions with the Submerged Arc Welding method that include.
  • Restricted to only a few positions that you can use this within.
  • Use only steel, stainless steel or a few nickel based metals.
  • The flux conduct systems can be more complex and hard to use.