The 6 Shooter Hand Pipe (review 2017)

6 Shooter Hand Pipe with Grinder By welderreferer

The 6 Shooter Hand Pipe review
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The easiness of the revolving six shooter pipe has given habitual smokers the simplicity of smoking freely without having to constantly pack a bowl.The revolving six shooter pipes comes in an aluminum and solid brass finish that stays cool with usage.Don’t worry about the metal pipe heating and burning you.The six shooter pipe is designed for smooth operation that prevents maximum usage.The six shooter smoking pipe will have people lining up around the block for a chance at playing a smoke-able game of Russian roulette. This creatively designed pipe is perfect for gun-lovin’ ganja-burnin’ folks looking to redefine what it means to take a shottie.

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    6 Shooter Hand Pipe Photo

  • Six one-hitter bowls on a revolving drum
  • High Quality Shark teeth Grinder
  • Easy To Disassemble & Clean
  • Space Grade Magnet
  • Built w HigH Quality Materials
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The revolving six shooter pipes are easy to use. Just like any other pipes you simply pack each bowl, the difference with the original six shooter, is you have 6 compartments to fill with your favorite blend.The great part is now you have the option of mixing your different blends together, because due to the six compartments you can pack a flavor per bowl.

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The original 6 shooter pipes are known for it’s innovative take on smoking herbs  from a metal pipe. The revolving 6 shooter pipes allows for users to pack six full bowls versus the conventional one bowl per pipe.The idea behind 6 bowls is to provide users with the choice to  quickly take the 6 hits or pass to the left! Making the revolving 6 shooter pipes the best pipe to share amongst your friends. Only the Highest grade metals and materials are used to construct these Six Shooters.


Each chamber of the 6 shooter design is actually another fully functional bowl that you can simply twist the copper top to place in the operable position.And the magnetic grinder on the bottom is extremely handy.Absolutely good.