The Arc Spot Welding Techniques

Welding has become an integral part of the lives of many people. Just like there are various different welding machines available, all the way from Diesel Welders to Pro-Arc’s, there are also numerous welding techniques that can be used. In this article, we will cover some of the popular welding techniques like:

  • Arc 
  • Spot

Here, we will talk about why Arc welding is important. Arc welding is usually done by making use of a diesel welder. In arc welding, high electric voltage is used, instead of a gas torch. The arc, or the spark, created from the electrode rod, used by the welder, is transferred from one metal to the other metal. This in turn causes the metals to heat up and melt together which creates a bond or a weld amongst them. Arc welding is known to create cleaner, smoother, accurate and stronger welds.

The second technique to be discussed is the Spot technique. In this method, the two metal sheets are held together tightly by the electrodes. The surface area of contact between the electrodes and the materials is very small, and hence it is called ‘spot’ welding. When a large amount of current is passed through the electrodes, it heats up the spots to the point of melting, which results in a sturdy weld. This technique ensures that the rest of the metal isn’t heated up unnecessarily and also takes lesser time.

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    it seem a lot i need to learn about this welding,i'm new with welding,and i'm currently learning the basic welding Lv1,2, and 3 at my college,hope i will be a profesional welder.

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