The Makita 8391DWPETK Cordless Drill Review 2017

MAKITA 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill

makita 8391dwpetk drill
Hi…it’s Matthew Drew again,in this post i would like to review another product that seem to be popular,the makita 8391dwpetk combi drill set.A compact and lightweight variable speed cordless combi drill driver,the 8391DWPETK is complete with 101 pieces bit set.

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With the hard plastic carrier case,two 1.3Ah Ni-Cad batteries and charger making it ideal for those looking for a starter kit or a comprehensive,convenient and portable drill set suitable for a variety of tasks.

This versatile and easy to use drill is suitable for general fixing applications in wood.

Now lets us look more at this makita 18v combi drill and 101 piece accessory set.Actually this is a budget range drill currently on offer with 101 Piece Accessory Kit which is a pretty good deal coming in at price £1++ on Amazon UK.It’s every thing you always wanted as far as PRICE,QUALITY,FEATURES,PERFORMANCE AND YES ROBUST AND RELIABLE,and yes the 101 pieces set that comes with it excellent.

More Indepth Makita 8391dwpetk review

makita 8391dwpetk box

The Makita 8391DWPETK Cordless Drill lets you work even in space-constrained areas. The 13 mm keyless chuck of this Makita drill lets you change the bit quickly and easily. You can change the speed of this cordless drill as per your surface requirements, thanks to its variable speed feature.The Ni-Cad batteries used with this Makita drill offer extended operation on a single charge.With a reversible switch,this Makita drill lets you remove the bit if it gets jammed during a task.This Makita Combi Drill have plenty of power and it’s a solid chuck that grips the bit without much tightening effort.

Makita 8391dwpetk 18v Combi Drill + 2 Batteries

With two batteries and a fast 30 minute charging time this mean you do not end up sitting around and waiting for the batteries to fully charged.The case it comes in is full of just about everything you need to drill and screw.A really convenient way of buying it all and then keeping it neat and tidy.

Drill Features: 

  • Compact and lightweight Ideal for general fixing applications 
  • Ideal for general brick applications 2 Speed gearbox 
  • Forward/Reverse rotation 
  • Variable speed trigger 16 position adjustable torque control settings,rotary only and hammer modes 
  • Ergonomically designed softgrip handle for comfort 
  • Electronic Brake 

Built with well balanced,it’s does feels solid in my hand,the chuck is sublime to use,i have used it all weekend and not yet swopped the battery? I am almost at a loss for words, as the title says.So glad i picked this one really can’t see any reason to go lithium ion apart from if you are maybe a tradesman.

This little beauty will be all you need really wasn’t bothered about the accessories as i already have plenty,but for the minimal extra cost it seemed silly not to,as it turns out i haven’t used any of my old stuff,i just didn’t need to go ratching it out,it is so handy having all these in the actual case,there is so much in there. 

 MAKITA 8391DWPE-TKThe drill is really good can be used for most things very powerful and not too heavy.The battery life cycle is really good,i  had this drill about 3 month and has used it with a lots of time around the house and also at work.

And i only had to change the battery once,so far the only thing make me feel little down is that the drill bits are not that good enough(for me) the two smallest metal drill bits of mine has broke,well maybe the way of my working way that to hash when i’m using it…but all the other accessories are still good quality very handy.

This drill also seems to be working fine during 3 month of my using,and I have since bought another ‘bare drill’ to save constant bit of battery changing in middle of work.Probably my next move will be to buy extra and larger capacity batteries as when i working away from main supply it’s making me a little dificult for recharging.The accessory tray is comprehensive.I actually do use drill this in anger now and it is good bags of battery power and duration.It will drill brick easily with the hammer drill function,even breeze block is sorted.

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The Makita 8391DWPETK is a great drill we reviewed because of its sheer power,long-life batteries and comfortable design.With 2 kg,you actually can do with a wide of variety applications and portability with just this tool.The lithium-ion batteries last weeks on a single charge,and as been stated before it only takes 30 minutes in the charger to get them to capacity.This is a wonderful addition to any handyman’s arsenal.Well worth the money.