The most affordable Sealey MightyMIG100 welder

Sealey Professional 230V 100A No-Gas Mig Welder

Sealey MightyMIG100
Sealey MightyMIG100 MIG welder is a fine choice for any home projects or workshops.With a simple and easy-to-use two knob controls,this welder uses ‘flux cored wire’ which has flux already in it.Once you strike an arc and the wire reaches melting temperature,the flux is vaporised into a gas that protects the weld as you weld. 
The resulting weld is not as superficially neat as a gas welder but with this model,you will find that a slow enough pass rate and the right wire-feed setting can give an accurate penetration of weld on sheet metal,and just grind it back for best results.It’s great machine if you are doing any weld related with car body.
This welding device can be easily set to gasless flux cored welder for welding thick materials that require deep penetration and within no time it can be transformed for gas shielded MIG welding for thinner steel.Having maximum output power of 100 A,this welding tool is enough powerful for welding materials up to 3/16 inch thick in a single pass.

With the high quality drive,sturdy construction and all the required accessories,the Sealey MightyMIG 100 welder is simply a perfect choice.This welding tool offers extremely smooth welder and did the job admirably.There’s plenty of power to tackle larger gauge metals,hence,very good for cars,garden equipment and any small to medium jobs you would like to take on.

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Features :
  • One of the Sealey’s professional MIGHTYMIG range,this compact no-gas welder offers excellent performance at an extremely competitive price.
  • The unit is set up ready to go.
  • Supplied with comfort grip non-live torch, 1.8m earth cable,
  • It features heavy-duty high output transformer and forced-air cooling to maximize the duty cycle performance.
  • Can be used straight away.
  • Maximum steel weld 2-3mm
  • Perfect for angle and box section steel, repairs, and more, ideal for either light trade user or keen home DIY’er. 
  • Model No: MIGHTYMIG100
  • Maximum Current: 100A
  • Wire Capacity: 0.9kg
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 55A, 20% @ 90A
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Torch: Non-Live
  • Power Input: 230V – 1ph
  • Absorbed Power: 3kW
  • Case Size: Medium
  • Weight: 14.5kg



This welding tool is a whole package of fantastic features and comes in a very affordable price. It is simply a perfect choice for welding professionals with average budget.a good machine to start out on and not a bad one for experienced welders who want something inexpensive to use in the home workshop.

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