This is why underwater welding salary is so high

Underwater Welding Salary

Underwater Welding scene
The demand of underwater wielder is increasing these days. Welding is a process in which molten substance is weld on the metal surface to join the broken or damaged portion. Under water welding is quite tough, as the process of joining the damaged parts deep under the water is quite tough.The welder has to dive deep into the water to weld. Since the job is quite difficult, the underwater welding salary is pretty high. There is a huge scope in this field and many students are showing their interest in this unique and important profession.

Why Underwater Welding Is Required

underwater welder doing his jobThe need of underwater welding has increased in the shipping industry. When a ship get damaged, it is certainly not possible to take out the huge ship from the water for repairing. So, underwater welding becomes important. In this technique, a technician dive under the marine water and weld the damaged portion.You are not supposed to take out the huge ship from the water.So, whenever any heavy body gets damaged into the water,underwater welding is really very important.Underwater welding is also highly required at the projects like oil companies, ship building and repairing, construction work etc.

Types Of Underwater Welding

The welding under the marine water is of two types. In one type, the process of welding is carried out by diving directly into the marine water. In other type of welding, the whole process of welding is carried out inside a chamber. The chamber is filled with helium and breathable gas, so that one can easily work in the atmosphere. In both the cases, the underwater welding salary depends on the skills and experience. So, one must gather a certain years of experience to work in this field. Initially, the salary may not be so high, but as you gain experience, your salary also increases.

Skill Required To Be A Underwater Welder

Underwater welding is far different from the normal welding. To be an underwater welder, you must have certain other skills.The whole process of welding is totally under the water, so the professional must have diving knowledge.Without this skill,it is not possible for anyone to choose this job as your career.More over,the person must be physically fit for the job,which includes good cardiac condition,balanced blood pressure,good eye sight, no breathing trouble, etc.The person,who successfully meets these criteria,is eligible to choose this job as career.

Factors On Which The Underwater Welding Salary Depends

The salary is not fixed in this job.There are certain factors on which the salary of an underwater depends.If you expect high salary,you must have proper academic degree, certification,and certain period of experience.You can pursue course on this job,which is available in many colleges and other vocational institutes.Moreover,you must attain the proper certificate for diving.There are many institutes, where you can apply for the diving qualification test.Apart from these qualifications,your experience adds to your underwater welding salary.