TruePower 199 Mini Multi bench grinder review

TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder and Polisher with Flexible Shaft,Tool Rest and Safety Guard

TruePower 199 Mini grinder
Truepower 199 review – Bench grinders are nothing more than a horizontal motor with a spindle at each end.They can sharpen a woodworking chisel or a chipped lawnmower blade, restore the damaged end of a wrecking bar,or remove rust from an old weathervane.Now if you are looking for TruePower Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder review,then you come to the right place.It is very perfect for deburring,grinding and polishing compact parts.Attaching with the 31′ flex shaft rotary tool for precision operate and hard-to-achieve surfaces.

Lets See The TruePower 199 Features

  • Powerful 150W high-speed motor rated at 110 Volts ,60 Hertz
  • Variable speed control from 0 to 10,000 rpm
  • Includes: 31″ flex shaft attachment, 3” grinding wheel & 3” fiber polishing wheel
  • Flex shaft collet size: 1/8″, wheel arbor size: 10mm
  • Safety guard, tool rest, 1/8″ stone bit, collet wrench, hex wrench & manual included

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TruePower Description

There isn’t a more basic power tool than the grinder. Take a barrel handle, a spinning arbor, wrap it in a wheel guard, add a removable side handle, and the tool is complete. Yet for all of its simplicity, it’s very versatile.Grinders are best known for metalworking, but material-specific grinding wheels work on both wood and stone, making the machine an all-purpose abrasive platform.This grinder is small enough to pack alongside and carry to the job site.With the excellent and perfect for deburring,grinding and polishing small parts.