Wagner HT1000 Heat Gun review 2016

Wagner 0503008 HT1000 1200 watt Heat Gun

wegner ht1000 heat gunWelcome,if you are here then you are surely looking review for the HT1000 heat gun.So let go straight to it now…So it was no surprise this one worked well and seemed to be well constructed. When I use a heat gun, I normally only use it a few minutes at a time; I’m sure it’ll do the job for longer use each time, but for me its perfect and I don’t any see reason why it wouldn’t stand up for long interval use. If it’s a bit more in cost than other brands, I’d still go with Wagner.The HT1000 is an ideal, general purpose heat gun that is suitable for many heating applications ranging from removing paint, old flooring, bending plastics, loosen rusted bolts or thawing frozen pipes.

Note: It has two heat settings by degrees assigned to each one; recommend that whatever work you do, that you check to ensure the heat settings are enough & not too much for the type of work you do (as with any heat gun).

heat with wegner
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Wagner’s HT1000 is a basic heat tool designed to apply focused heat for projects such as removing paint, thawing pipes and loosening rusted bolts. It produces 1200-Watt/4100 BTU’s of heating power. The HT1000 has two temperatures and fan speeds settings to adjust to specific heating needs.

It also Great for removing paint, loosening floor tiles, thawing frozen pipes, and busting rusted bolts, this 1,200-watt heat gun performs numerous projects around the house or shop. The ideal,general purpose heat gun suitable for a majority of heating applications, this unit features two temperature settings for a wide variety of applications. This a lower 750-degree F setting is great for thawing pipes slowly, defrosting freezers and more. The 1,000-degree setting strips paint from furniture, loosens rusted bolts and nuts, and makes it easy to shape plastic piping for plumbing to name a few.
  • 750-degree F and 1000-degree F temperature setting for various project needs
  • Easy to use temperature switch built into the handle
  • Two fans speeds for heating control
  • Corrosion resistant nozzle and integrated hanging hook
  • Rugged and light-weight handle
  • 4,100 Btu output for removing multiple layers of paint
  • Easy to use temperature switch built into the handle
  • Two fans speeds for heating control
  • Light weight and easy to hold which eliminates fatigue
  • High-Impact plastic body which makes it rugged and long-lasting
  • Low noise design so operation is quiet
  • Hanging hook for safe storage during cool down
  • Corrosion-resistant nozzle which prevents rust from developing on the tool
  • Rugged and light-weight handle
  • Measures 16.5 by 9.8 by 17 inches; Weighs 1.9 pounds
  • With 2 year warranty


The Wagner HT1000 1200 Watt Heat Gun did an excellent job of helping us remove the glue from our subfloor in preparation for laying our floating flooring. I was surprisingly shocked at how low the price was from I expected it to be! I feel like the design is great for what we used it for, especially the ability to stand it up & let it cool off before putting it away without the worry of it melting something or causing a fire. Looking forward to seeing how we can use it on other projects like removing finishes when refinishing furniture.