Welding Hose Overview

  • All units in the machine should be equipped with back-flow prevention and flash back arrestors.

  • Welding Hose should be check before you use.

  • Oxygen and acetylene hose shall be fastened together with approved clamps at
    period of three to four feet along the hose.

  • Take Care of hose from being damaged.

  • Welding Hose shall be fastened to the regulators and torches by approved fittings only. It is important that all connections be kept tight.

  • Use Welding hose and connections made especially for gas welding and cutting.

    • Red colored welding hose can be used for acetylene or other fuel gas

    • Green colored hose for oxygen.

  • Care shall be taken that the hose does not become kinked or tangled. Place the hose
    so that it will not be trampled on, run over or present a tripping hazard.

  • Examine welding hoses for defects before use. Defective hose shall not be used.