Welding Tips for Beginners – Types of Welds and Troubleshooting

Welding Tips for Beginners

Welding Tips for Beginners

More so than MIG and ARC welding, TIG welding requires a lot more practice to be proficient in. There are a lot more ways to control the arc, puddle, and final outcome of your weld than with a MIG welder.What actually happens to work when you weld is very basic and simple. In essence, you’re melting two pieces of steel together. Plus you’re adding a little extra steel with the welding rod. The heat to melt the material comes from the flame of the oxygen-acetylene welder. 

Or it’s caused by the electricity arcing from the rod or wire to the work if you’re using an arc-welder or mig welder. Good technique simply means that you’ve learned to do this smoothly and in a way that results in good penetration and a thorough mixing of the molten metals.

Arc Welding

Like adjusting the intensity of the flame with gas-welding, with arc-welding Arc Welderyou’ll have to set the heat range by changing the amperage setting on the welder.This is done either with a dial or by plugging the hot lead into one of several fixed-amperage receptacles on the welder. As a general rule, use 5/32-inch rod and 75 amps on 1/8-inch material, changing to 100 amps for ¼-inch material. Thinner (1/16-inch) material is more difficult to weld and you’ll have to experiment with smaller rod and lower heat ranges (amp settings).

Mig Welding

Mig welding is by far the easiest to learn.  With a few minutes of practice, you’ll be making professional welds.Mig welding is similar to arc welding, but the wire is automatically fed from the end of the gun at a HTP welderspreset rate. A gas bottle provides gas, which is expelled from the end of the gun to shield the weld from the ambient atmosphere and avoid the oxidation caused by oxygen. You can make unshielded welds (without gas), but the welds will be highly oxidized which will make them weak and brittle.

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