Wera Impaktor BitnCheck Set 2017 Review

Wera Impaktor Bit Check Set of 30

 wera bits

This Wera Impaktor bits will probably be the outlast of my days for being able to hold a drill straight enough.This Wera bits set case design is absolutely looking nice with a good sleek opening mechanism and the adapter is a greatly to work with and it’s also have magnetic.

Some of the bits in this set are nice looking diamond coated that will offer to you with a maximum resistance and it shows.They all have individual serial numbers, so if one gets worked to the bone (which is quite improbable) there is no need to order a new set, just get the appropriate bit form Wera. 

Wera Impaktor Bit-Check Set PhotoFor your info there are a good reason why this bits set are so expensive,it’s because people put thought and research into them.Also the quality it have is flawless and it’s comforting to know that you’re using the best there is.Well,maybe it’s not the best,but I am sure some of you guys that come from the Ferrari or whatever production line can boast sugar coated, solid diamond,4585 and a half carat screwdriver bits…but within sensible people’s price range,you cannot and will not go wrong with these bits sets.

The first thing i do want to point it out with this set is that not all of the bits are impact rated, but most of them do are.Assume that’s because they wanted to include the smaller sizes in this set,but couldn’t make the PZ1 impact bits.

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To be fair though,you should not need an impact driver for a such small screws.And also to be fairly,i personaly own plenty of assorted Wera bits,and would have preferred to have more impact bits in the set.

The Quality

I still haven’t used it much yet,but assuming this bits is match with the usual level of Wera brand quality,i will rate this bit with 4 stars.Why 4 stars?Actually i‘m a big fan of Weras’ Rapidaptors.I own at least one of each model the company make.They are truely really amazing because Wera will ensure that the bit never gets stuck in the screw,and it’s always fixed securely in the power tool,and they are much superior to magnetic bit holders.

Wera Impaktor Bit Check Set Features

  • The Wera 05769 IMPAKTOR bit system has been designed for use with all cordless impact drivers – even
  • UK’s No 1 Hand and Power Tool Seller
  • Draper, Sealey, Bahco, Stanley and Much More.

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A little Description For This Bits

Highlights: Impaktor 20-bits + 9 Torsion Bits ·With snap ring and ring magnetDescription: 1 Impaktor holder with snap ring and ring magnet, 20 impaktor bits and 9 standard torsions bits. 

The impaktor technology provides through optimum utilization of material properties and optimum geometry appropriate for above-average service life even under extreme conditions, especially suitable for use with commercial Impact/ impact wrenches; holder with ring magnet for easy hold long and heavy screws, ideal for excess overhead work. The rough diamond coating of bits is reduced by the increased frictional resistance to slip out of the screw.

The Cons

I do feel a little disappointed with sets,this bit holder is does really not have a rapidaptor functionality,and it’s just a magnetic holder,which is it will make my bits keep getting stuck in screws.Well this is the first time i’ve had to say this about a Wera product,but I really dislike this included bit holder,and i’m going to have to look at alternative impact holders from other brands.

The ring magnet is retracted by default.You need to hold the sleeve of the bit holder forwards to keep the ring magnet extended.Overall it’s nice to have, and when these bits break,i will keep this case and just add new bits to it,Ok that it for now..Thank you for reading my Wera Impaktor Bits Set Review.