Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator – Review

Review Westinghouse WH7500E 

Westinghouse WH7500E
My friend Bob,a contractor has owned a Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator for over a year and he swears by it. Although he uses it mainly for work, he’s also used it twice at his home when there’s been an power outage.

Its 420cc four cycle engine provides an output of 7500 watts (with 9000 starting watts). That’s about right for a 420cc and compares in output to all the big brands. He reckons he’s run everything in his house but his air conditioner. I’d say he’s right.

Here’s a wattage guide as to what appliances and installations in your house require to run them.Light bulb 100 watts, Sump pump 1000, Kitchen appliance 750, Radio 200, Space heater 1000, Refrigerator 500 and a Microwave 800 watts.So you can see that this list only adds up to 7500 watts. Therefore you’ve got plenty in tow.In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Bob using the Westinghouse WH7500E, probably could run his air conditioning system at the same time.

About This Generator

The WH7500E provides quiet operation via Westinghouse’s Pulse-Flo muffler,includes four standard household outlets ready to conveniently power your devices,and is easy to operate thanks to the simplified control center.It also includes everything to get started right out of the box, including a wheel kit and handle kit,oil, funnel, and tool kit.This generator is backed by a three-year limited warranty,and it’s EPA-approved.

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Another thing Bob really likes as he uses the WH7500E commercially is that its really economical. It’s not a big gas tank at six and a half gallons but he gets thirteen hours out of that tank if he runs it mostly at half load. I’ve used smaller generators that go through more gas than that.

Another big plus here is that it seems to have a super quality muffler on board because its genuinely pretty quiet. His neighbors are fairly close and he runs it in his garage with an outside extractor but no other enclosure or cover and said inside the house the WH7500E portable generator puts out a low hum that you quickly forget about.

  • Dimensions:  27″ x 20″ x 22″
  • Weight:   201 pounds
  • 420cc 4 cycle engine
  • 3600 rpm
  • Electric start with backup recoil.
  • Ten inch wheels with ‘never flat’ tires.
  • 3 year warranty
  • Four 120 volt outlets
  • 6.6 gallon gas tank
  • Oversized muffler

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  • Quiet operation
  • Economical
  • Quite lightweight
  • Three year warranty
  • Comes complete with ready to assemble wheels and handle.
  • Has an hour meter to show you total run time and oil changes
  • Electric start
  • 4 x 120 volt outlets
  • Very easy and quick assembly

  • Just one ..It’s not CARB compliant so can not be used in California. But can be used in all other States.
  • I just can’t find a complaint about this Westinghouse WH7500E portable generator anywhere on the net or through talking to people like Bob who owns one. Its that good.


Westinghouse WH7500E generator is the kind of power supply you need to run several kitchen appliances and tools at the same time,including lights,and also the TV, too.You also get an automatic voltage regulation that irons out fluctuations in power supply.With the half load is still 3500 watts,it impressively running for 13 hours at the half load of 6.6 gallon tank which would be pushing the Durostar or Champion close to their limits.

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