What is plastic welding rod

The rod for plastic welding

Plastic welding rod
Plastic welding rod is used in plastic welding processes to join the work pieces together.One important thing about Plastic Welding Rods is that the cross section of these rods is always constant no matter which Plastic Welding process utilizes them.

These rods can either have a triangular or circular cross-sectional area.While manufacturing these rods one very important thing should be kept in mind that is the material used to make these rods shouldn’t be porous.The porosity will eventually decrease the quality of the weld.This is due to the fact that if the material of the rod is porous then a large amount of air will be trapped in the pores of the rod.These pores are sometimes also known as voids. Lesser the number of voids better will be the quality of the weld produced.

There are many types of rods which are available in the market.These are of various different colours and shapes.The welder can choose a colour and shape depending on the work pieces and his own requirement.The colour of the rod chosen is usually the same as that of the work pieces.
Plastic rods

There are a number of materials which can be used in the manufacture of the Plastic Welding rods.These include polypropylene,ABS,polyethylene,PVC,PVDF and certain thermoplastics.Amongst these PVC and ABS rods have wide range applications.Whereas other types of rods have a limited application. But still each type of Plastic Welding rod has its own specific utility.