What is speed tip welding

Speed tip welding
Speed tip welding is a type of plastic welding.Basically,in any type of plastic welding a heat source is used to melt the work pieces and pressure is applied simultaneously on them and they fuse together.The work pieces are then allowed to cool down and a joint is formed between them.The amount of heat required is very less as the plastics have a very low melting point.Depending on the type of heat source used in the process there are several types of Plastic Welding processes.

In Tip Welding,a plastic welder is used which is fitted with a feed tube for the plastic weld rod.The plastic welder is very similar to soldering iron in terms of its wattage and appearance.The speed tip of the welder heats the rod and the work pieces and it also puts the molten weld rod into position.The molten weld rod lays a bead of molten or softened plastic upon the work pieces.The work pieces are pressed together and as they cool down a joint is formed in between them.

For better results,the welding rod of certain materials like polypropylene should be mixed with semi molten base material which is being welded.The speed tip process is advantageous over the other plastic welding processes.This is because it is faster than other processes and also with practice it can be used to weld plastics of any shapes which other processes may have difficulty to deal with. – welder referer