What You Need to Know Before You Weld

People rely on welding to accomplish many tasks. In fact, the art of welding dates back thousands of years to the Bronze Age.Since then, man has discovered many advancements and improvements that make welding easier,safer and more vital to civilization than ever before. Welding is used: 
  • To manufacture cars, trucks and other modes of transportation. 
  • To build homes. 
  • To build and repair machinery and equipment. 
  • It’s even been used by artists to create beautiful metal sculptures. 

Inside or outside, on land or underwater even in outer space welding is vital to all areas of our life. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more people want to learn how to weld. 

If you’d like to learn how to arc weld, we’d like to help.Below,you’ll find important information and resources you need before you can start welding: what equipment you’ll need, along with some free online resources that will provide step-by-step, practical welding how-to advice. 

Basic Arc Welding Equipment 

If you want to learn how to AC (alternating current) arc weld, at some point this will require some hands on training, and hands on training will require tools.As you can guess from the history of welding,the ability to join two or more pieces of metal together in a strong bond has been fundamental in our advancements in all areas of life,from housing to transportation; from manufacturing to repairs.Understanding welding basics can come in handy at work, but it will just as often come in handy around the house,in the workshop or on the farm. Because of this, welding is a skill that almost anyone can benefit from, male or female, young or old.