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Energenie Remote Control Sockets

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Energenie Remote Control Sockets Description

This radio-controlled socket with controller for use with any domestic appliance. Switch off appliances wasting energy in stand-by to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. The Radio controlled socket is ideal for hard to reach plugs or for people who have restricted mobility as it can be used with any domestic appliance and works with a remote control that can be configured to control up to four different sockets. The remote control does not require direct line-of-sight to operate. It will work even when the socket is hidden behind furniture or in an adjacent room.Note:a) We suggest the user does not place sockets close to each other (e.g. in a twin wall outlet, or in an extension lead); b) Do not plug in anything above 13A (3210W); c) Do not plug in near to fans or other appliances which emit RF disturbance as this can affect signalling between the controller and socket. d) The product is not recommended for use with or in the proximity of power tools, industrial equipment, machine tools or for other equipment with powerful motors. The high inrush currents on these devices can cause signal interference.

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