Lincoln MP 210 Review – The Best Multi Welder

Lincoln PowerMIG MP210 Welder Machine Review

Hi it’s me again Matthew, today I’m going to review the PowerMIG MP210 by Lincoln Electric as of right now this machine is an extremely high demand and i ordered mine pretty early an October and just receive it the first week of this December.

Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp Features

  • Dual voltage inputs make the equipment compatible to be plugged in and used anywhere.
  • Intuitive push-and-turn digital control offers quick setup.
  • Ready, set, weld feature makes it user convenient and easy to use welding tool.
  • Multi-process feature offers additional Flux-cored, TIG and stick welding.
  • Sturdy sheet-metal construction and all-metal wire drive make it rugged and ready for any welding task.
  • Large color display designed to guide you through the machine setup process and helps you understand better.
So this machine is kind of tough to come by and there is a reason why, Lincoln said they weren’t expecting the demand for these model that there really is when they produced it.There is a lot of reason why this machine is really cool and i think once you get done reading this article you’ll agree that it’s probably the best welder on the market for any process and for the price point.
lincoln mp210 review image
Obviously you can buy other $1700 TIG welder but this one’s going to do TIG pretty well also.So i’m going to jump right into it here, now obviously you can see this unit is pretty small easy to carry around it’s got a nice rugged handle on the top it’s only 40 pounds so again pretty easy to carry and one thing that makes this weld great is it will do some heavy duty welding in additional light stuff and it does have dual power input (120V or 230V).

Lincoln 210 MP TIG Kit

The Lincoln MP210 is basically comes with 6ft long power plug and on the end of it got a little three prong twist lock connector and what it does it comes to two plugs I’ve got my two twenty one here and I one time when plugged into the wall it takes about one out of seconds to disconnect this pull it out and put the other one end so if you have to go to a buddy’s house just a wall on their lower deck for a second and they don’t have any two twenty on the garage that’s no problem you switch right over to one ten and for most light not a low amperage circumstances you’re not going to need to twenty. 
This machine does add up 210 Power output so when you do get up in those higher ranges you know 22 volts and some high wire speed you can you spool made with this, for those kind of settings you’re really going to want to put it on 220.
Lincoln mp210 MIG GunSo this machine come complete with pretty much everything you need it with a Magnum 100 MIG gun, a pretty nice mig gun, it’s actually just another of their full size Magnum version that I’ve used for many years, also comes with a pretty nice gas nozzle.Now it does come with drive roll that will accept anything from 25 up to over 45 flux core wire.
So definitely as far as handling capabilities it’s awesome it’s got a broad range.It does have handling and switch lock connectors on the front of it and it makes a real simple for changing between +DC and -DC to go from MIG to a possibly stick reverse polarity or TIG. 
TIG is a big deal with this machine and I’ll explain it you guys in just a second, now this machine so far to me it feels really well built seems like $999 that’s the retail price, I can guarantee you that probably for the better part of a year you’re not going to be able to get them cheaper than a thousand dollars because there just aren’t many out there they’re definitely in high demand and as we know in demand goes up so those price so.
Thousand bucks just spend the money don’t even think twice about if you order from some of these websites online you’re going to get no tax so a grand for this machine on time your right now in advance is a steal So this is all the further you may get and you need to buy this thing.
mp210 welder ground clamp
Now moving forward it comes with a nicely ground clamp and what I do with all my ground clamp is i changed and place with a twist lock that have little magnet on it.this thing are pretty awesome i found it on Amazon so if you got a pipe welding to do or something like that and maybe a surface where you can get a ground clamp on those little magnets make it nice so I attach that right on there.

Come of everything you’ll need contact to drive rollers wire guides and a flow meter regulator for the Co2 or argon mixes depending on whatever you’re going to use.So its definely comes with all the thing that you’re going to possibly needed. 
So now let’s see what the front looks like, the power or ON switch is right on the center,so once you turn that on, you’ll see this thing has a beautiful display on the front now this is probably 4 inches or so but that it’s more than enough to read.
Lincoln mp210 front panel
The fan is a little bit loud but it’s definitely something that you know as you can have a conversation around it’s not very loud what so ever, but for what it is there’s a ton of air movement that comes out the front of it, the screen inverter water well that’s really going to help up.The fan seem spin well do they don’t rattle or anything so I was pretty impressed by that.
Now on this front panel here, this gives you a lot of good information and one thing you need to knew is your home button think of it like a smartphone, put on the home button and start out right at home. 
lincoln power mig mp 210 welder front panel
First thing it does is actually asking what process you want to run, use a big dial for most functions so you can change through all the setting here such as MIG steel, MIG C100(it’s 100% Co2), Manual Current Voltage, Flux core inner shield wire setting, spool gun for alluminium Stick,TIG and each button has the ability to push. 
So in this example if you are going to pick MIG steel C-25, just choose the setting on the panel and push it then it takes your to the next setting.First thing it does is tell you how to set up your cable so for common MIG settings you get +DC connection, it’s just giving a little reminder on the screen set up for DC positive, just go ahead and choose OK. 
Then it will ask you what wire sizes you want to go through such as 25 or 35 choose what size you prefer, then it will as your material thickness factors starts out with 20, 18, 10 and all the way down.
If you get something thicker than that and you want to messing with own your setting it does not a really matter, just go all to the 10 range it’s ok.Now it will give you a general range as far as where you should have setting, so it kind of give you a general idea of wire speed and voltage but if you’re smart enough to figure out your own setup then you can just go make those adjustments to yourself.
Power MIG 210 Knob controller
And for knob of the left is for amperage or wire speed depending on what you doing and on the right one is the voltage On/Off, so for the what on/off is TIG, if you don’t have a foot pedal this allows you to turn your TIG torch on or off, so if you set it don’t accidently bump it etc, it’s actually a pretty good options.

And when you do run a TIG your emperage is over left side knob, so pretty awesome that’s pretty much in short on the easy way to set up the machine and what all the knobs do on the sides.The MIG gun right on the front is the connector for the main gun switch also right on the front again your DC positive connection comes right out of the machine here for the wire feeder and all plugs right into just got a short piece of cord there ground clamp looks up right down (See the image below).
connector image
This machine is really easy to set up now it does have a spring loaded, roller tensioner that flipped on just like any standard wire filler, one thing i like and thought of that was pretty cool is this Lincoln welder actually has a little tablet that holds the roller top piece the little door that holds it up which is pretty awesome. 
Now does have the screw on wire guide side right inside it, all you have to do is take that off and then you got the access your drive roller and your wire guided right underneath very simple to change just got Lincolns little twist lock on the roller it’s a single roller it’s smaller than their large bench wire feed units since it is a little bit small but it seems to work fine and there are a ball no issues whatsoever. 
And the wire guide is really easy to change out as well so any maintenance to the saying or any change in a wire you got to do is just literally a matter of a minute, the liner that comes with it is good for anywhere from 0.25 up to over 45.You know possibly if you’re going to be running 0.25 constantly you may want to get a different liner that’s a little bit smaller just because you know 0.25 with 0.45 wire guide gives a pretty big difference there.

Lincoln 210 mp problems ???

The true is, there is no problem for me, in fact there was zero problem while using it till now.I‘ve done a lot of welding with this welder machine and it has performed my expectations and big process runs awesome the setup is easy the arc characteristics are really great I haven’t had slipped on the wiring of feeds wire excellent and really really does a great job so i been pleased that so far.
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