Makita BHP452HW Compact Driver Drill Review

Review: Makita BHP452HW Compact Cordless Percussion Driver Drill

The Makita BHP452HW 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact Cordless Percussion-Driver Drill is a well engineered combination of power and versatility,in a compact, easy-to-handle package

Makita BHP452HW Compact Driver Drill Review

Got a sore arm and shoulder from working with your cordless drill all day long?

It happens because the drill’s too heavy, even for a strong guy like you.But what can you do if you need an 18 volt model to handle a heavy duty job?Many of them are heavy tools with big batteries.They’re a clear invitation to muscle fatigue.

Not so the BHP452HW cordless drill, which weighs in at only 3.6 pounds including battery,and doesn’t give up power in order to be light.

It combines a drill/driver for making holes and driving screws with a hammer drill for drilling into masonry and stone.You need just one drill on the job, not two.By the way,it’s only 8-3/4” long.And it’s well balanced and easy to hold with its soft-grip handle.
I’ve found this Makita drill has power to spare,and plenty of versatility to handle all kinds of jobs.


Makita BHP452HW 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact Cordless Percussion-Driver Drill

The BHP452HW features a Makita-built four-pole maximum torque motor that delivers 450 in./lbs. of max torque in a compact size. The BHP452HW has a Shift-Lock drive system sleeve that quickly shifts from “hammer drill” to “driver” mode.


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First,look at the Makita 18 volt motor

 It delivers 450 in./lb maximum torque, which is a lot.(Torque is the force that rotates an object around an axis or pivot in other words, twisting power.)

 The motor is 4 pole,which means it has 4 electromagnets,not the 2 that a 2 pole motor has.

 The Makita 18 volt 4 pole motor produces twice the torque of a 2-pole.While it’s also true that a 2-pole produces twice the speed of a 4 pole,this tool has all the speed it needs, and then some.It’s the torque that’s important here.

The motor has 16 firm contact terminals,so you get constant high power.

Lithium-ion batteries charge fast, deliver longer life.

BHP452HW Compact Driver DrillMakita could make its reputation on its batteries alone.As pioneers in lithium-ion technology,Makita set a standard in cordless tools that the industry is still trying to match.Lithium-ion batteries clearly outperform nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries, which you’ll find on other cordless brands.Makita’s 18 volt lithium-ion batteries have a useful life of approximately 2,000 cycles,2-1/2 times the cycles of NiCd. batteries,and weigh 40 percent less.Produce 430 percent more total work time over their life.

Charge in just 15 minutes, so you don’t get caught without power.Each battery has a built-in memory chip that talks to the Rapid Charger,and controls the charging process for greater efficiency and longer battery life.There’s a Rapid Automotive Charger available, that plugs into a 12 volt DC socket,so you can charge up from your truck.

More quality features for reliability on the job.

 1/2” bits for 1/2” holes in metal, 1-1/2” in wood, and 1/2” in masonry

 Variable 2-speed transmission,all metal for long tool life.
 Makita’s shift-lock drive system shifts fast and smoothly.You go from drill/driver to hammer drill in seconds.
 Hammer piston can deliver 0-6,000 blows per minute or 0-22,500.Choose the right speed for your job.
 Built-in LED light to light up your work area.This sounds like a small detail, but it’s a feature users love.You’ll wonder why every drill doesn’t have one.
 An electric brake,for instant stop.An important safety feature.
 This kit includes the drill,two batteries,Rapid Charger,and case.Get the bits you want, and you’re ready to go.

What the users are saying.

Here are some typical comments from customers who bought the Makita BHP452HW from Amazon.

In reviewing the comments on Amazon,I found several reviews who didn’t like this drill kit.This tool receives among the most consistently high marks of any that Amazon sells,most from craftsmen who use tools day in and day out,and who are not shy about saying what they think.You should read more Makita BHP452HW reviews on Amazon before you make your buying decision.

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Any complaints?

Some users complained about the case: too small for a quantity of extra bits,and didn’t hold contents snugly.One user said his palm would accidentally hit the forward/reverse button Some users mentioned the lack of a holder for extra bits on the drill

Where you can buy the Makita BHP452HW

Once again,Amazon is tough to beat on price.It’s where most of the people I know go to buy.Amazon ships for free,and that’s one of the reasons they’re so competitive.By the way, I’ve seen prices for this tool that were remarkably low.But when I checked,I found that those deals included only one battery.

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